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About First Sky Group

It is my singular honor to welcome you to the foremost digital interface of the First Sky Group which ushers you into the world of our business. It tells you about who we are, what we do, and what we stand for.

First Sky Group is a unique and diverse wholly-owned Ghanaian holding entity comprising subsidiaries with interests in Hospitality, Construction, Insurance, Banking, Commodities Trading and Bitumen Processing with a combined workforce of more than Three Thousand Eight Hundred (3,800) employees stationed at various sites, offices, and locations across the length and breadth of the country.

The subsidiaries are First Sky Construction Limited, first-class road construction and civil engineering firm, First Sky Commodities Limited, a Licensed Buying Cocoa company, First Sky Bitumen Processing Limited, Volta Serene Hotel, a 4 Star Luxury hotel, Serene Insurance Company Limited, a general insurance firm and Frerol Rural Bank, a thriving rural banking institution in the Kpando District of the Volta Region.

The world of business is demanding and First Sky Group through its subsidiaries is strongly positioned to lead by focusing on customer satisfaction and enduring experience through resilience and efficiency..

Mr. Eric Seddy Kutortse, Group Chairman

How We Work!!

Pushing The Boundaries Of What’s Possible.

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We are unrelenting in our pursuit of our ideals, stubborn in our commitment to partner all our client and unyielding in our resolve to stand with you through it all from conception to execution through to close out.

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That is who we are and what we stand for at First Sky Group made up of First Sky Construction Limited, First Commodities Limited, First Sky Bitumen Processing Limited, Volta Serene Hotel, Serene Insurance, and Frerol Community Rural Bank


If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact with our team +233 (0) 303 973277

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We continue to serve our essence: to respond to the increasing need and demand for quality, professionalism and excellence in delivery within strict timelines in the very sectors of the Ghanaian economy we participate in. We are an indigenous establishment with a global appeal, mindset and character poised to be robust player and enabler in the world of business and corporate transformation.

Professional staff

At First Sky Group, staff of the respective member subsidiaries exhibit the highest sense of duty of care, demonstrating the best combination of talent, capacity, skills, and attitude to maintain the optimal levels of performance we show in our delivery throughout our operation.

100% Satisfaction​

We serve you in a manner that clearly impacts your perspective of the world of business as you see the world differently, identify the many opportunities that lay ahead of you that were never imagined, and push for outcomes that excite and keep you fulfilled with the renewed sense of wanting more. That is the First Sky spirit – giving excellence, quality, and best practices to meet your needs.


One Big Family with presence key sectors such as Insurance, Banking, Road Construction, Hospitality, Commodities Trading and Production. Different competencies, varied knowledge base, diverse cultural backgrounds and skills set, First Sky Group has built the strongest of relationships with clientele eco system harnessing the extensive experiences of its staff in the various sectors of operations.

Transparent Pricing​

Our range of resources – human, financial, and infrastructure – are unrivaled in terms of expertise, equipment, logistics, facilities, and capital outlay to engage in big-ticket turn-key transactions and projects that hold the key to unprecedented transformation and growth.

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Trusted by 100+ world-class brands and organizations….

Through our 19+ of operation, First Sky Group has grown in structure, financial outlay and processes expanding its business tentacles into other sectors of the economy in and outside Ghana.

This has resulted in the massive improvement of lives through the creation of decent jobs, reduction of poverty and enhancing quality of life as an enabler through the six companies under the Group, thereby exercising the privilege to work with the some of the trusted brands and entities in Government and corporate circles.