First Sky Group

Over 16

Years Of Experience!

About First Sky Group

The First Sky Group is a unique and diverse wholly owned Ghanaian holding entity comprising subsidiaries with interests in Hospitality, Construction, Insurance, Banking, Commodities Trading and Bitumen Processing with a combined workforce of more than Three Thousand Eight Hundred (3,800) employees stationed at various sites, offices and locations across the length and breadth of the country.

The subsidiaries are First Sky Construction Limited, a first class road construction and civil engineering firm, First Sky Commodities Limited, a Licensed Buying Cocoa company, First Sky Bitumen Processing Limited, Volta Serene Hotel, a 4 Star Luxury hotel, Serene Insurance Company Limited, a general insurance firm and Frerol Rural Bank, a thriving rural banking institution in the Kpando District of the Volta Region.
The first company established under the Group is First Sky Construction Limited in 2002 and commenced operations with a workforce of three (3) personnel. Today, the Construction company boasts of a staff strength of over one thousand and two hundred (1,200) permanent managerial, administrative and technical staff, as well as one thousand and seven hundred (1,700) casual staff.
The other subsidiaries subsequently established are First Sky Commodities and Volta Serene which began operations in 2015. This was followed by Serene Insurance and First Sky Bitumen Processing Limited in 2018. Frerol Rural Bank was also established in Kpando in the Volta Region

….. the genesis
It all took off on a pilot by an ambitious, but unassuming, hardworking young Ghanaian entrepreneur armed with a desire to create employment for himself and many others.
With this simple mission held together a passion to be resolute, resilient and robust, Eric Seddy Kutortse, Founder and Executive Chairman, after his tertiary education, set out to work towards his ambition.
From a small one-room office, what was once a small construction business has been skillfully steered into a group of impactful companies. With its core business in road and bridge construction, the birth of First Sky Construction Limited has served as the anchor for the delivery of the Group structure.
The outcome is the immense growth and expansion in business interests over the last decade managed by a highly motivated multi-skilled professional team, buoyed by timely project delivery and working within budgets as hallmarks.

…. the motivation
The subsidiary companies of First Sky Group were established in response to increasing need and demand for quality products and services in those sectors of Ghana’s vibrant economy. Over the last 19 years, First Sky Group has grown with active presence in key sectors of the economy identifying gaps and providing innovative business solutions to address those gaps.
This has been achieved on the back of unrivalled capacity (human and infrastructure etc.) and delivery of unmatched quality, excellence and value to become a leading business voice with a global appeal, character and mindset

How We Work!!

Pushing The Boundaries Of What’s Possible.

This is the heading

We are unrelenting in the pursuit of our ideals, stubborn in our commitment to partner with all our clients and unyielding in our resolve to stand with you through it all from conception to execution through to close out. That is who we are and what we stand for at First Sky Group made up of First Sky Construction Limited, First Commodities Limited, First Sky Bitumen Processing Limited, Volta Serene Hotel, Serene Insurance, and Frerol Community Rural Bank

Our Niche

In the hospitality ecosystem, where Volta Serene is the 3rd largest luxury hotel in the country, Conferencing is our niche offered with flexibility, convenience, excellence and quality. Our approach to Insurance has won us the accolade ‘the new face of insurance’ as we are known to be the first insurance to have exceeded gross premium collection within the 3 years of operations. The construction and bitumen components of the Group boast of the most highly sophisticated state of the art infrastructure churning quality products that meet international expectations.

Quality Assurance

This is what we live and stand for as an organisation, deploying all mechanism available to ensure the highest standards are upheld and quality is also maintained and even enhanced. At First Sky Group, through its member subsidiaries, we are bold to declare we breathe QUALITY.

Powerful Strategy​

A strategy anchored on absolute faith in God as the owner of the Group and its member subsidiaries with a professional, business posture and a human, firm outlook to operational stability and success