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Patricia Aryee - CEO


I find it exciting always to engage whenever the opportunity presents itself. This is one such avenue to draw you into our world as a first class bitumen producer with state of the art infrastructure.

First Sky Bitumen Processing Limited, member of the First Sky Group, is a company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of bitumen emulsions. Established in 2018 and commencing operations same year, First Sky Bitumen Processing Limited, has invested in the latest technology to manufacture the highest standards of quality bitumen emulsions available in today’s market as per Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) specifications and all international standards.

I hope you find the time worthwhile as you visit our site to learn more about operations.


Our Niche

In the hospitality ecosystem, where Volta Serene is the 3rd largest luxury hotel in the country, Conferencing is our niche offered with flexibility, convenience, excellence and quality. Our approach to Insurance has won us the accolade ‘the new face of insurance’ as we are known to be the first insurance to have exceeded gross premium collection within the 3 years of operations. The construction and bitumen components of the Group boast of the most highly sophisticated state of the art infrastructure churning quality products that meet international expectations.

Quality Assurance

This is what we live and stand for as an organisation, deploying all mechanism available to ensure the highest standards are upheld and quality is also maintained and even enhanced. At First Sky Group, through its member subsidiaries, we are bold to declare we breathe QUALITY.

Powerful Strategy​

A strategy anchored on absolute faith in God as the owner of the Group and its member subsidiaries with a professional, business posture and a human, firm outlook to operational stability and success