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Frerol Rural Bank- General Manager


I welcome you to Frerol Rural Bank, a member of the First Sky Group. Frerol Rural Bank has been in operation since February 2017 with a commercial focus committed to driving development on the back of an innovative community based financial inclusion strategy to support customers realise their business and development goals.

Having commenced in Kpando, Frerol Rural opened its maiden branch outside Kpando at Ho recently endearing itself to its target community clientele with accessible financial through a mechanism of tailored made, fit for purpose financial engineering and suite of investment products to be a leader in the rural and community banking ecosystem.

I assure you that as you explore more about Frerol Rural Bank, you will come to the realisation that we are committed to being the investment and financial partner with requisite capacity and capability to lead the customer and community in which we operate to make business decisions and choices that positively impact the fortunes of the larger ecosystem.

At Frerol Rural Bank, we are excited to receive you !!!



Our Niche

In the hospitality ecosystem, where Volta Serene is the 3rd largest luxury hotel in the country, Conferencing is our niche offered with flexibility, convenience, excellence and quality. Our approach to Insurance has won us the accolade ‘the new face of insurance’ as we are known to be the first insurance to have exceeded gross premium collection within the 3 years of operations. The construction and bitumen components of the Group boast of the most highly sophisticated state of the art infrastructure churning quality products that meet international expectations.

Quality Assurance

This is what we live and stand for as an organisation, deploying all mechanism available to ensure the highest standards are upheld and quality is also maintained and even enhanced. At First Sky Group, through its member subsidiaries, we are bold to declare we breathe QUALITY.

Powerful Strategy​

A strategy anchored on absolute faith in God as the owner of the Group and its member subsidiaries with a professional, business posture and a human, firm outlook to operational stability and success