First Sky Boss launches Infrastructure Fund for KPASEC with GH¢1m seed capital

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First Sky Boss launches Infrastructure Fund for KPASEC with GH¢1m seed capital

The Executive Chairman of First Sky Group, Eric Seddy Kutortse has launched an Infrastructure Fund for his alma mater, Kpando Secondary School, in Kpando in the Volta Region.

He provided a seed capital of ¢1 million and urged his colleagues old students and corporate entities to contribute towards the fund, to resolve the school’s infrastructure deficit.

This was in response to the school’s continuous cry of the lack of infrastructure, emphasising the urgent need for an 18-unit classroom block, residential facilities for students and teachers, an assembly hall, furniture, and an information communication technology lab.

Speaking at the 70th Anniversary of Kpando Secondary School, Mr Kutortse indicated that the Infrastructure Fund would contribute to resolving the school’s infrastructure deficit by the time it attains 75 years.

He envisaged that the fund could accrue about GH¢40 million in five years to ensure befitting educational structures are provided to the school to enhance the academic activities and performance of students.

“Our 75th Anniversary should be celebrated with landmark infrastructural development. In view of this, I propose we immediately launch an infrastructure fund. If every old student (KOSA) contributes GH¢100 quarterly to this fund, over a period of five years, with an average of GH¢10,000 or more, I reckon we should be in a position to raise above GH¢40 million Ghana Cedis).

On the basis of the foregoing estimate, I wish to donate GH¢1 million as a Seed Fund. May I humbly implore all like-minded KOSAs’, Tsitsiawo, to join hands to support this endeavour.

This fund shall be independently managed and all contributions routed directly to a designated bank”, he said.

Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Kutortse advocated the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the curriculum of second-cycle schools to enable students to have a vivid foundation and understanding of AI.

He asserted that teaching AI at the second-cycle level would enable the younger generation to become innovators and problem solvers., which would contribute to the development of the country.

“Equipping our youth with a comprehensive understanding of AI from a young age empowers them to be innovators and problem-solvers in a digital age”, he said.

Digital Policy

Mr Kutortse lauded the government’s digitalisation policy in the educational space and proposed a partnership with the First Sky Group to enable government to extend the policy to Kpando Secondary School.

“Education Minister, in addition to your remarkable STEM project in our schools, we consider your recent announcement to have about 30 schools digitalized with learning management systems loaded onto tablets as very laudable.

“Indeed, this in my candid view, will concretise and partialise the country’s IT and STEM programme.

“The First Sky Group of which I am the Executive Chairman is willing to partner with government to ensure Kpando Secondary School benefits from this policy”, he stressed.


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