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First Sky Group and Catholic Church Volta Region Partnership Honoured

The Immaculate Conception Parish of the Catholic Church, Kpando in the Volta Region has honoured the Executive Chairman of First Sky Group, Mr. Eric Seddy Kutortse for his invaluable partnership and contribution to the Catholic community in the area. He was honoured with his mother who is also a member of the parish.

At a ceremony on Saturday September 16, 2023 to commission and unveil a two storey mission rectory, His Lordship, Most Rev. Emmanuel Kofi Fianu SVD expressed his appreciation to God for his provision through church members, well -wishers, partners and individuals to make the dream of building a mission rectory a reality.

The two storey rectory includes eight bedrooms, offices, conference rooms, prayer rooms and other facilities to promote the expansion of the kingdom of God’s work, which was supported by Mr. Kutortse.

The commissioning service was attended by church members, clergy, supporters, partners, chiefs and guests among other invitees.

…Citation of Honour

A plaque and citation in honour of Mr. Kutortse’s selfless dedication to the work of God read ‘Your contribution is a shining demonstration of selflessness and communal spirit. Your generous donation has helped us in achieving our goal of providing a comfortable and welcoming space for our clergy, mission workers and volunteers’.

We recognise that it takes individuals like you to make a difference in the lives of others, and we are privileged to have you as part of our community’, the citation continued.

The citation ended with a prayer from the Catholic community of the Immaculate Conception Parish, Kpando asking ‘God’s blessings to replenish your bans sufficiently’.

The Parish noted that Mr. Kutortse’s support to the construction of the mission house will go a long way to make a huge difference in the lives of all beneficiaries.

…. Response

Commenting on the recognition, Mr. Kutortse remarked ‘I am humbled by this acknowledgement and can only pledge to do more to promote the business of God’s kingdom consistent with my conviction that all that we are is what God has made us’.

Earlier in June this year, Mr. Kutortse’s was acknowledged by his alma church, Trinity Temple Assemblies of God, with the ‘Trinity Excellence Award in Missions’ for selfless giving and sacrifice on the back of the donation of 72 chapels, especially in the Volta and Eastern Regions to support the growth of missions in Ghana.


Most Rev. Fianu, SVD, assisted by Mr. Kutortse and Mrs. Afeti and others to commission the mission rectory.


A view of the newly commissioned mission rectory for the Immaculate Conception Parish, Kpando.

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